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Common Questions

You may have been for counselling before or this may be your first experience and you may not know quite what to expect. I hope these questions and answers might give you an idea of what it might be like. We will be able to address any concerns you may have during the first session.

1. What happens in the first session?

Firstly I will ask you some information about yourself, for example your health, your family, and what brings you to counselling at this time. I will also explain about confidentiality and its limits and give a short explanation of the way I work.

2. How many sessions do people usually have?

This can vary from just one session to a few months or even years, depending on the difficulties you are experiencing and how many areas of your life you want to explore. This is something we can discuss and review during therapy. The choice is always yours.

3. What will therapy be like?

Even if you have had therapy before you may be wondering how it will differ with a new therapist. It is really important that you feel comfortable as research shows that it is the quality of the relationship more than the type of therapy that leads to most successful outcomes. The first session provides an opportunity to begin to get a sense of what it might be like.

Below are some of the main aspects of how I work:

I offer 50 – minute sessions at a regular time each week, however some people may want to come fortnightly or even monthly as therapy draws to an end.

One of my main roles is to listen and to try to understand you from your own perspective, to hear what you are thinking and feeling. For some people the experience of being ‘heard’ with a feeling of being understood can have a powerful impact.

I will try to support you to become more aware of your experiences, of how you perceive and relate to the world around you. By developing insight and self-knowledge it becomes easier to make choices which are more likely to lead to fulfilment. I can also support you in thinking through the consequences of different options, to come to a deeper understanding of what you want and need. I can also work with you on aspects of yourself such as building self-esteem, assertiveness, anger management, repeated patterns of behaviour which are unhelpful and anything you wish to bring which is causing you concern. I will not give you advice but help you to find your own path that feels right for you.